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In the garden

In the garden

Executive Coaches partner with people to define the heart and depth of their most important goals. Together, they then work strategically to realise those aspirations. 

Individuals, groups or teams engage in focused conversations with Meredith to set and achieve goals, become self-aware, and increase their effectiveness, potential and satisfaction.

Wild Goat Executive Coaching achieves extraordinary outcomes with their clients.

"I heartily recommend Meredith to anyone looking to find and keep the right focus for their business – large or small."
 - Ray Murrell, CEO, Dominic Systems Ltd.

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Meredith works with writers to ignite their motivation and creativity.

Daring Imagination: Coach Cards for Writers help unlock depth and productivity for those writing memoir or fiction. 

Wild Goat coaches writers during projects, in groups or individually.

Her Novel

Extensive work with victims of crime and prisoners in Canada has given Meredith unique understanding about crime and conflict, and human experiences in the aftermath of crime.
Her novel, Just Living gives us an opportunity to understand the complexity of resilience, healing and community.

Because safety, like love, is never assured.

Visit her author page here

Just Living cover

Just Living cover


Point-No-Point, BC

Point-No-Point, BC

Wild Goat Executive Coaching facilitates organizations and teams to define effective strategic goals, plan to achieve those goals and work to bridge gaps and barriers to achieving them. We also help organizations experiencing conflict, difficult workplaces, or team dysfunction find solutions to their challenging situations through facilitated conversations.

We also offer custom-designed training and development opportunities, including

  • Staff Development

  • Bias Awareness

  • Team-building and productivity

  • Conflict Management

  • Expert Communication techniques

Training encourages deep learning, and demonstrated ongoing change, and sustained results.


"I had no idea how much of a positive impact executive coaching with Meredith would have on my life. Her insightful questions and astute reflections opened my eyes to solutions for pressing professional questions. I left each session with a feeling of self-assurance, inner growth, and appreciation. Meredith’s guidance and support was pivotal in allowing me to make some significant and exciting life decisions in a clear, confident manner. She has a wonderful sense of humour with an upbeat personality that makes every session a true joy. This wonderful woman’s expertise and career satisfaction shine in every interaction. Highly recommend!"

Andrew Heneghan,
RADIUS Fellow,
Vancouver, B.C.