It's not coaching...

This month I began Daring Imagination, writing stories about a fictional world where Kate, an executive coach, serves different clients. It starts with Bob’s Story, and I expect to publish a new installment every 3 or 4 weeks. Check it out here.

In developing this project, I wrote my evolving personal manifesto about what makes an encounter coaching, and thought I would share it with you. I welcome your feedback and ideas, because I know this will evolve, and become clearer. What is missing?

Wild Goat’s Core Essentials of Coaching
            (if these aren’t present, it isn’t coaching)

  1. Mutual safety, dignity, trust, & respect between client and coach
  2. Voluntary participation, with enthusiastic and motivated engagement
  3. Emphasis on the client as expert, capable, wise & whole
  4. A thoroughly client-driven process
  5. Goals that are defined through deep and curious enquiry
  6. Focused conversations that catalyse awareness, creativity & potential for transformation
  7. A clearly defined action plan
  8. Defined measurement for results & benefit
  9. Meaningful support & accountability (client-defined, created and facilitated)
  10. A process that is designed & modified, based on client needs & results

    I will use these essentials to both educate clients and assess my competencies, and expect the document to evolve. Please help me; I welcome your comments and feedback.