Before it's really begun.

This past few weeks has been a whirlwind of creation, of affirming my capacity and serving my clients, even as I elicited the support of friends and family to solidify plans for Wild Goat Executive Coaching. I am grateful to everyone! I anticipate the ‘becoming’ pains will continue as I work to ensure the content, administrative systems and public face of Wild Goat matches my intention, and the values and principles that continue to govern my practice.

My work has evolved over several decades, and while my values and principles haven’t changed dramatically, my focus and action have clarified with experience. What drives me?

I believe everyone is wondrous and unique, capable of achieving great heights when well supported. I have learned this from working with people who have suffered tremendous heartache and have chosen paths of love and forgiveness, from parents of young children who work tirelessly to provide opportunities they only dreamed of, and from brilliant intellectuals who share their visions and ideas with struggling community members, because they want to live in a world where that happens. My path has been shaped by people who work in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, helping individuals and communities become healthier, safer and more joyful through community development, and sharing.

I want to live in a world where together we strive to achieve great heights; our collective well-being depends upon it.

I am fed by meaningful hard work, joyful connection with my community, creative expression, and a deep abiding sense of wonder in my garden, and further afield, in the mountains and on the water that surrounds me. The values that guide my decisions include honesty, integrity, harmony, service, and meaningful connection, and I love to laugh. And share scotch with good friends.

I am excited to extend my practice to new clients, and commit to working honourably and with great dedication to your success, as you strive to define and reach your goals, as you learn and develop your skills, and as you fearlessly commit to making difficult situations better. I ask that you hold me accountable to this intention.

May we live fully alive,
Love wastefully, and
Creatively Adventure towards Truth,
Led by the Presence, Whisperings and Yearnings of Spirit.

I am thrilled to be accompanied on this journey by amazing folks. Thank you, everyone.


Have I included sufficient superlatives?
What can I say…it is great to be engaged in creating something new.