Leadership Development Matters - Post 2

Engage Others

Great leadership can be encouraged and developed at any level of an organization, and building a culture that encourages leadership leads to a healthier work environment and helps build a language of teamwork.

The well-researched framework for understanding leadership was developed by the LEADS Collaborative for health care leaders. It consists of five domains:

Lead Self
Engage Others
Achieve Results
Develop Coalitions, and
Systems Transformation


Wild Goat’s initial study of the first domain, Lead Self, is about increasing self-awareness, and leading with integrity and an eye on continuing personal and professional development, and was explored here.

The second domain, Engage Others, is about bringing this spirit of leadership to others on your team, or in your organization.

For entrepreneurs, cultivating great leadership is important as both clients and co-workers will look to you for confidence, and capacity. Entrepreneurs are well known to be lone wolves; they provide amazing customer service, commitment to goals and achievements, and building on prior successes. Often, they bring a temperament of “get it done” to their work, so cultivating leadership in others can seem like an added onerous task.

But developing leadership in those who surround you
is an investment in your business.

Engage Others

Great leaders encourage others to be great leaders. They demonstrate this by cultivating these capabilities:

·        Foster development of others – they support the personal and professional development of those who work with them. They show meaningful interest in their co-worker’s lives and interests, and encourage their ongoing learning and skill-building.

·        Communicate effectively – Great leaders work hard on communicating to ensure others feel able to openly contribute their ideas and concerns. They use appropriate tools for sharing information, and make sure those the receiver understands the nuances of their messages.

·        Build teams – Leaders who are progressive encourage collaboration and cooperation between individuals and agencies within their field. They foster in others an environment that builds trust and develops increasing capacity, and they recognize gaps and work to fill them.

·        Contribute to the creation and maintenance of a healthy organization – creating work-place engagement from every level of an organization will help foster creative and supportive workplaces. When co-workers or teammates understand their roles and the roles of those around them, they will work together in an evolving and engaging workplace.

Empowering others by engaging them meaningfully will encourage them to lead themselves. Cultivating these capabilities both for yourself as a leader, and in the promising leaders in your organization will contribute to success for everyone.

How do you meaningfully engage those you work with?

Which of these capacities is difficult for you, and how do you challenge yourself to improve them?

http://www.leadersforlife.ca/ – Some of this content is from their brochure LEADS in a Caring Environment

Wild Goat will explore the other three domains, Achieve Results, Develop Coalitions and Systems Transformation, and their individual capacities, in the coming weeks.