This month is finding the Goat in transition – and transition stirs everything up. Here’s a little about what I’m learning.

·        Moving towards something is much easier than moving away from something. Clarity about what I’m moving towards is motivating!

·        Transition and change are inevitable. It’s great to be creating the transition rather than being forced into change in response to circumstances.

·        Transition is a great opportunity to create – create experiences, create environments, create focus, create relationships. Everything is amplified in richness.

·        Keeping track matters. Post-it notes and lists are my best friends right now.

·        Customer service really doesn’t need to suffer. I’m in transition. My clients aren’t. And it really is all about them.

Considering great questions while on the move has helped:

·        Which personal characteristics are you letting shine during this stressful time? (Change always adds stress – even good change.)

·        How will you take care of yourself during your progress?

·        What are you looking forward to? How will you mark mileposts along the way?

·        What are you taking with you that will serve you during this shift?
Once you’ve arrived?

·        What have you learned from what you are leaving behind?

·        How will you celebrate your journey?

·        What have you learned during this movement that will serve your continuing evolution?

Being self-aware requires energy, commitment, and determination - everything I want to bring to my clients to serve them during transitions.

What are you moving towards?
What will help you get there?

Wild Goat Executive Coaching is ready to help you have the most productive transition possible.