Leadership Development Matters - Post 5

Successful leaders who achieve results do so in a variety of spheres.
Personal integrity.
Relationship building.
Keeping an eye on achieving desired outcomes.
And finally, transforming systems into frameworks that are evolving, effective and efficient.

The LEADS Collaborative frames five domains:

Lead Self
Engage Others
Achieve Results
Develop Coalitions, and
Systems Transformation

Systems Transformation

This final domain addresses how successful leaders are able to ‘pull back’ and see the broader scope of both problems and solutions, and work to transform systems. Systems are an integral part of successful business; being able to repeat successes, and build on them, is achieved through excellent systematization of results-based actions. It is imperative that in creating or redefining systems they are able to reliably produce the outcome that is needed for the situation they are designed to address.

Being able to envision and define needs, and transform systems to
meet those needs is one sign of a great leader.

Important capabilities within this domain include:

·        Critically Analyze Systems, and Apply Systems Approaches – question why systems exist, or function currently, identify shortcomings, design solutions to problems as they exist, and implement effective systems approaches to improving current situations.

·        Consider the Future: Forecast changing business environments, monitor trends and best practices, and develop leading edges that will continue to develop and shape the system

·        Encourage Innovation: Look for team-based approaches that will encourage ongoing systems-based innovation, improvement, and develop responsive systems.

·        Be Change-Makers: Encourage powerful change that allows teams to improve their results, and create systems that will sustain and even enhance ongoing improvements through system-wide improvements and transformation.

Working within organizations to build leaders at every level does itself require systems that encourage a leadership development.

Focused training and development using the domains of the LEADS systems can be a
valued and effective way to cultivate leadership on teams. 

http://www.leadersforlife.ca/ – Some of this content is from their brochure LEADS in a Caring Environment