Because branding. It's important.

Last weekend, I was starting Saturday gently, having a coffee and reading the BBC News. Or Reddit. I don’t really remember. My phone rang, and although I didn’t recognize the number, it didn’t say “Telemarketer” or “Scam”, so I answered it. Am I glad I did!

The friendly folks at Surfing Goats (from their website)

It was the friendly folks from The Surfing Goats in Pismo Beach, California. Yes, there is such a thing. And there is such a place.

They wanted to know what I do at Wild Goat Executive Coaching. Wanted to know if I could train their goats to do more than just surf…like surfing goats weren't cool enough! We even joked about shipping them up to Canada for training!
That's a picture of them, from their website.

I was reminded of the time a woman in a local farm store asked me if I would take her wild goat hunting. Me, a hunting guide. (You’d laugh if you knew me – I’m an extravagantly bodied pacifist…and yes, I do eat a little meat but I don’t personally spend my time hunting…

My goat. Not as cool as surfing goats.

I laughed so hard, and tried to explain that I try to work with people and organizations to become more goat-like…nimble, daring, climbing. And as much as I laugh at goats climbing and jumping around in fields, or while watching online videos, the idea of me trying to train goats had me laughing harder.
That's a picture of my very not-surfing goat.

I’m going to befriend them on Facebook because…well, why not!?

And I’m so glad that I called my business Wild Goat.

Because branding. It’s important.