Wild Goat Executive Coaching
partners with people,
individually or in groups,
to define and achieve extraordinary results

People and organizations who use Wild Goat Executive Coaching experience outstanding and measurable results. Benefits you can expect include enhanced decision-making, defined action-planning, measurable gains in productivity, and support for ongoing growth and development. 

Meredith works with entrepreneurs and executive clients to work on individual growth and performance.

Group Coaching

Meredith works with small groups of clients to offer a group/peer coaching experience as each client works on individual projects or goals.  Group Coaching offers a unique opportunity to build an understanding with other professionals of the barriers to performance, and builds in a concrete accountability structure.

Daring! Imagination

Group coaching for creative projects is available, as Daring! IMagination.

Team Coaching

Meredith works with teams of individuals who are engaged together in achieving results, either in providing services or completing projects. Team coaching, when offered by experienced team coaches, improves a teams effectiveness and performance.

Team effectiveness focuses on how well teams achieve together, and addresses issues of communication, goal-setting, conflict, capacity building and training. Team performance focuses on exactly that: achieving measurable results.
As these aspects are addressed simultaneously, teams flourish.

Meredith holds an Advanced Coaching Certificate in Team and Group Coaching from Royal Roads University

Coaching conversations focus exclusively on your success, creating opportunities for you to create a satisfying and rewarding life and career. In organizations, the focus can be on improving the working culture and strategies for teamwork, project management and sustained success.

Great coaching is both creative and client-driven, and infused with curiosity, support and accountability. It holds the client as the expert in their lives, and capable of profound results when meaningfully supported. A well-developed coaching relationship is transformative, for individuals and organizations.

Wild Goat Executive Coaching achieves extraordinary results with their clients. 
From Matthew Peacock, Technology Fanatic of Serenity Solutions:

"Working with Meredith in a Group Coaching setting was a fantastic opportunity to be guided into asking myself questions that I might normally have disregarded or purposefully not answered. It reminded me to think about my project from other perspectives. Bringing those questions to the forefront and answering them provided a more complete detail on the project I was working on. Being in a group forced a certain degree of accountability with my own commitments. 
Not only that, but working in a group, allowed me to voice my input on other great projects (which made me feel like I was contributing to the group too)."

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To understand the benefits of coaching, and how coaching provides an excellent return-on-investment, visit the International Coach Federation's website.