June 2014 Volume 1.1

June 2014

Newsletter 1.1


Honourable Endings:

Many of you have worked with me during my time at Royal Roads University. Thank you!

My course work and practicum experience is winding down, and Wild Goat Executive Coaching is gaining momentum, and I want to honour the coaching relationship we have. I have gained so much learning from our working together.

I will be finishing my course, and heading to Victoria for my exams in late July. At that time, my pro-bono coaching will finish as well. Let’s plan for that together, and honour what that means for you, and either continued coaching or finishing well. I will be scheduling until about July 10th, so please contact me if you would like another session.


Feedback! Still learning!

I am still learning, and know I will never stop as I work to serve my clients. If you have a few minutes, I have attached a short survey. I may send one gentle reminder to fill it out; the information you provide will help me with my final project. AND I will never forward your emails to anyone without permission, I promise.


Excited about new beginnings

I am excited to announce the launching of my business, Wild Goat Executive Coaching. My website (wildgoatcoaching.ca) will be “live” in the coming weeks, and I am writing and re-writing my content. I welcome your feedback on my site, and have asked a few questions on my survey (below).

I anticipate new clients will use my website to confirm their information about me, and my practice. One piece that I know will be important is feedback from people who have worked with me in the past. Would you be willing to write about our work together, knowing it will be included on my website (with your name, and ideally your organization also)?

As well, I will be launching a quarterly newsletter, and a periodic blog. The blog will be available through my website.  There is a question on the survey about whether or not you want to receive my newsletter. I promise I will NEVER sell or otherwise distribute your email to anyone. (And my business emails will migrate to my business email address at wildgoatcoaching@gmail.com over the coming weeks).

Finally, if you have found the service I have provided to you helpful, would you consider recommending me to friends and/or business associates?  I will continue to grow my Executive Coaching client base, as I expect clients will cycle into and out of times of more and less service as needed. As well, I will be offering two other services: Development and Training for organizations and corporations, and Facilitated Solutions for conflict management and working with challenging individuals or situations.

An outline of my services is found on my website. Please encourage any potentially interested folks to contact me directly at either email address, or by phone at 604 832 0954.

Thank you again!

PS Logo and letterhead coming soon!