This Day We WRITE!

Welcome to Just Living, a fictional half-way house that occupies much of my creative juice. I've been figuring out how to tell the story for more than ten years, and it's getting better. 

That's what I'm striving for...better...until it's good enough.  And then I'll be publishing it, and sharing it.

First blush of spring in Mission by me.

First blush of spring in Mission by me.

It's the story of Beth, a reluctant seminarian who is seeking a meaningful life. Harsh judgement about the church she grew up in, her father, a minister, and institutions of authority leave her feeling both superior and incompetent all at the same time.
She learns about life, and being real and being honest from the ex-prisoners she works with, who have experienced great harms and have hurt others.

And along the way, she hopes she makes a difference.

It's a story about restorative justice, and spirituality, about becoming, and compassion. Tragedy. Love.
All about humanity.

And it's exciting. I hope some of you creative writers out there will join me, and share your tricks of the trade, and what keeps you writing.

What are you curious about?