Imagine Justice...

The Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC link) encouraged artists to Imagine Justice during Restorative Justice Week (November, 2015). Their website says that in recognition of the Tenth Anniversary of the Justice Storytelling Quilt, they launched the Imagine Justice Art Exhibition call for submissions.  The call for submissions asked people across Canada to submit pieces of art thematically connected to restorative justice.  The submitted works are displayed in on online gallery. They also said “CCJC will be appointing a volunteer jury to award contestants for the highest judged submissions.”

Imagine Justice, credit

I entered this contest, both to receive feedback on my writing and to share a piece of my upcoming novel. CCJC chose to post all of the artwork anonymously, so there is no clear evidence it is me, so you’ll have to believe me! Their Manager tells me “We decided not to include names on the art gallery because many of the pieces were submitted anonymously, or people expressed a preference not to have their names published. It is our hope that by focusing on the works’ titles and artist statements, the gallery serves its purpose of presenting new ideas about justice even if artists are not named.”

So, I share with you my submission, which is two of my upcoming chapters (with some narrative to link them together). Yes, they are mine. (And a part of this blog is to keep the evidence clear that they are.) I hope you enjoy my work, and especially the work of the other artists.

I look forward to the results of the adjudication as well, and in the interim, welcome your feedback!

I’m half-way through this current rewrite. I expect to publish the completed novel in 2016.

Now I’m off to WRITE!